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Make Developmental Therapy A Part Of Your Child’s Life

Developmental therapy works to help children with developmental delays and learning challenges to progress in their learning ability. By focusing on motor skills, cognitive development, communication and language abilities, and social and emotional learning, your child can overcome the challenges they are facing with everyday routines and ready themselves for a school environment.

Developmental therapy works to teach children the skills they need to thrive at home, in the classroom, and in social settings by using fun playtime activities to enhance and improve the skills they already possess. It can help children as young as a few months to ages up to five and older, really progress in their learning ability by using techniques that are proven to help them achieve the goals that will help them be productive now and into the future.

Help Your Child Learn Through Developmental Therapy

Through the services of Early Developmental Therapy Consultants, you child can reach those important milestones as an infant or toddler and become independent in their own right. They will learn the necessary skills to overcome the developmental delays that are holding them back and preventing them from progressing along with their peers. promoting healthy growth in children

Incorporating learning tools that are both fun and interactive, your child will be put on a path to success that will allow them to learn, grow, and develop on pace for their age and needs.

Occupational Therapists for Children

Our knowledgeable and experienced developmental therapists are there to provide your child the skills they need to grow in a fun and playful way. They will encourage your child to learn at a pace that is right for them in a setting that is comfortable and relaxing. They will help your child every step of the way to learn, grow and develop those key skills that are needed to move forward in their daily lives and flourish in the classroom.

From occupational therapy activities for toddlers to developmental therapy for babies, our therapists have the expertise to help guide your child and assist them in overcoming developmental delays to improve their abilities that are important to their growth. The care and compassion of our occupational therapists when working with your child is evident and will put your at ease knowing that your child is in the best hands to help them increase their development.

A Developmental Therapy Program That Is Just Right for Your Child

Early Developmental Therapy Consultants can provide you the help and coaching you need for your child. We provide a professional consultation and evaluation of your child and develop a program that is designed just for them. Each developmental and coaching program is tailored to the ability of the child and the areas that need help with. We integrate parents into the learning process by coaching parents on what they can do so you can continue to help your child learn while they are at home and become a part of the bonding and education process.

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