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Welcome to Early Developmental Therapy’s Re-launch!

Why did I start this website? There are a few reasons while I decided to start this endeavor now. It’s been quite a long journey. When I graduated from college with a degree in Occupational Therapy, I never dreamed I would specialize in pediatrics, let alone, NICU. But after 17 years in the NICU (both in a full-time/part-time capacity, and working in Early Intervention on three separate occasions, I knew I needed to use my talents in a more efficient way. I knew I could reach more parents and caregivers through technology instead of driving around the county I live in and have spent more time driving than I do in treating and helping babies/toddlers and their families.

Another big reason I decided to start my own consulting website is that I was very restricted in what information I could tell parents, whether in the NICU where I worked or in the Early Intervention as a private contractor. I was told never to talk about certain topics with parents because it might upset them or the research (usually one research article read by one Neonatologist) didn’t support my information or personal experience I had on the topic. I find that speaking to parents and caregivers and providing multiple options is imperative. You parents and caregivers are your child’s biggest advocate. I am also tired of being micromanaged and my work being put under a microscope from a supervisor who isn’t an Occupational Therapist.

What I have been seeing is too many babies and toddlers falling through the cracks, whether it is in the NICU, Newborn Nursery, Pediatrician offices, or Early Intervention with transition in Intermediate Units. For example, some of our late pre-term infants 34-37 weeks may not even be referred into EI services when there is much research out there demonstrating that these children are having subtle deficits in many areas such as bilateral integration skills, apraxia, visual-perceptual skills, and sensory integration problems and parents only finding this out when their child goes to preschool or Kindergarten. Babies/toddlers who don’t show a 25% delay during EI evaluations (this is in state of PA), or never been referred by a Pediatrican because you heard “your child will outgrow it” for your child’s developmental issue, are being lost and not provided services that they need to succeed in school and at play.

How does my website work? I will be available to consult with parents and caregivers on a variety of topics like the ones mentioned in the website. Parents/caregivers can either contact me through phone conversation or via video conference so I can see your child and the issues they may be having. There is no hands-on therapy, but professional advice and if needed, refer parents/caregivers to other experts that may be helpful for their child.

The website will contain research articles on many topics concerning prematurity issues, developmental, controversial treatment out there for children with developmental delays. I will be updating my Blog frequently with many different topics pertaining to OT with respect to premature infants and children birth-three years of age.

Please feel free to look at the website, as well as, my personal profile and credentials and contact me. I look forward to hearing from many parents and caregivers to help them with their journey!!