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Social Developments for Children with ADHD

Social Developments for Children with ADHD

Does your child seem challenged by social situations? Does interacting with other children cause them to act out or display disruptive behavior? It may be the result of your child’s Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) that is causing the difficulty in making friends and developing those personal relationships with others.

ADHD Delays In Development

The onset of ADHD can have children with the syndrome lag behind other children their age by as much as three years. This means that a child that is eight years of age is really only on pace with a five-year-old. The difference can be staggering and leave you as a parent confused and frustrated as you don’t see your child meet your expectations for their age.

It is common for children with ADHD to have delays in development as there are slower to mature their cerebral cortex, where their executive functions are manufactured. Children that go undiagnosed with ADHD, are often dismissed as troubled children that misbehave. This can be a challenge for parents that feel like they are doing everything they can to keep their child in line.

With the right diagnosis, your child can get the help they need to manage their ADHD whether it is through medication for more extreme cases or by participating in a behavioral program for cases that are mild. While medication is definitely the answer for some children, it is not the end-all-be-all for children as they will still have social developmental issues that medication can’t fix. This can affect their ability to cooperate with others, cause them to have low motivation and self-esteem as well as poor social skills.

Managing Social Skills Through Behavioral Programs

Through a behavioral program, you child will get the support they need to incorporate social skills into their routine. Behavioral programs work through the collaboration of everyone involved in a child with ADHD’s life. This means that parents, siblings, and teachers all work together to encourage behavior modifications by the child.

Great success can be achieved with the incorporation of a behavioral program as you will see your child take the necessary steps to become more social with others and understand the accepted social cues that will allow them to make new friends. This will allow for the ability to make friends for your child and avoid the awkwardness that comes with unrefined social skills.

Behavioral programs for children with ADHD can teach them how to thrive in a social setting and allow them to feel comfortable and manage the feelings they are having. This can create a child that is more at ease and has added self-confidence that will allow them to navigate social situations effortlessly.

While ADHD can be a challenge for any child to deal with, through the support and encouragement of a behavioral program, they will recognize their abilities and be able to achieve success with their social development. To have a behavioral program developed specifically for your child, contact Early Developmental Therapy Consultants. It is experienced in dealing with developmental delays in all children and can design a program just for them.