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Q&A: Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy?

Q&A: Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy?

When it comes to your child’s development, you may have questions as to what is right for them and whether you should incorporate occupational therapy activities into their life. It can be overwhelming as a parent to know the best course of action to take to encourage your child’s development, especially if they are experiencing developmental delays in their learning and brain growth.

We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions a parent has when it comes to occupational therapy for their child so you can understand if this is the support your child needs to help with their developmental progress.

Question: What is occupational therapy?

Answer: Occupational therapy is the practice of helping a child develop their skills so that they can function independently. During occupational therapy, an occupational therapist will incorporate learning techniques in a fun way that allows your child to learn and progress in their skills. There is a focus placed on motor skills, as well as emotional, social, cognitive, and visual perception. By incorporating all these areas, your child will progress with their development through the one-on-one assistance of an occupational therapist, allowing them to achieve goals and move forward in their developmental learning.

Question: How do I know my child needs occupational therapy?

Answer: Occupational therapy can really help any child progress with their development. Whether or not your child is falling behind in achievement areas or is just looking to get a jump start on learning. Occupational therapy can provide your child that learning environment they need to thrive and progress in everyday activities that may come simple to other children. Your child may find that they need additional assistance in learning these key skills and occupational therapy can help provide the additional training your child needs to excel in these areas.

Question: Is occupational therapy right for my baby?

Answer: Occupational therapy is designed to help children of all ages. It is important to give your child additional assistance at an early age to help with developmental delays. If you notice that your child is falling behind in learning, occupational therapy can help give the motivation, encouragement, and training your child needs to perform these tasks with ease. Starting early can get your baby on track with their early development and ensure they are progressing properly for their age. Occupational therapy is also designed to help toddlers with their development and can be beneficial in teaching skills that are necessary for the classroom as they get older.

Question: What can I expect from occupational therapy for my child?

Answer: With occupational therapy, you can expect your child to excel at learning. By using fun techniques that incorporate playtime into daily activities, your child will learn to advance the skills they are lacking and become more independent and aware of themselves. We provide a safe and welcoming setting for children that they look forward to going to. We take the fear out of learning and provide an environment where your child feels comfortable and can express themselves in an unguarded way. This helps to promote confidence in a child and can get them on track for their learning development.

Question: What should I be watching for in my child?

Answer: There are a variety of answers to this question as developmental delays can show up in a number of ways. If your child has difficulty doing tasks that are simple for other children the same age, then occupational therapy can help your child refine these skills. Sensitivity to touch, noises, or emotions can be another indicator that occupational therapy can help your child overcome these difficulties. As a parent, you should trust your judgment and anything that seems questionable for your child’s behavior most likely is. Trust yourself and seek the assistance of an occupational therapist to evaluate your child’s development.

Question: How is an occupational therapist qualified to help my child?

Answer: An occupational therapist are highly educated and licensed individuals that have expertise in the field of occupational therapy and working with children. You can rest assured that your child is in good hands with an occupational therapist as they care about the progress of your child as much as your do. Their support will provide your child the guidance they need to learn new activities and progress in their development early on.

Question: How much occupational therapy will my child need?

Answer: This all depends on the child and their level of progress. Some children advance very quickly through one-on-one attention while others need a more focuses approach. Your occupational therapist will provide you with updates on the progress of your child and let you know what they expect in terms of their development. Every occupational therapy program is tailored to the specific child as each has their own requirements and what works for one child may not work for another. Your child will receive the occupational therapy that is necessary for their skill level to help them achieve the goals that have been set forth by the occupational therapist.

Question: What happens when I decide to have occupational therapy for my child?

Answer: The first step in providing occupational therapy for your child is to set up an evaluation of their skill level and pinpoint the areas that they need improvement in. Your child will undergo a thorough evaluation of their development and a program will be designed to specifically suit their needs and have them achieve the development that is necessary for their success.

With occupational therapy, you can set your child on the right path for their development and ensure they get the focus and attention they need to become independent and confident. Early Developmental Therapy Consultants offers occupational therapy as well as a range of developmental programs designed to help your baby and toddler succeed. Contact Early Developmental Therapy Consultants to schedule an evaluation of your child’s development and identify areas that need improvement through occupational therapy.