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Early Development Therapy assists parents with learning how infant massaging helps your premature infant grow. We are licensed in Pennsylvania, New York and Texas.Our infant developmental therapy for babies can put your child on track for learning and progress during the key stage of their life. During the first months of a baby’s development, it is imperative that they learn the skills necessary to perform simple activities that will help shape their future development.

Through our occupational therapy services, your baby will be able to learn the tools to develop and grow their muscles so that they can perform everyday tasks in the future. Taking advantage of our developmental therapy services can help your baby with any developmental delays they might be having a hard time with.

Infant Feeding

Teaching your baby the techniques they need to feed properly will give them a healthy outlook and evaluate whether your child has a hypersensitivity to oral feeding. Our developmental therapists are trained to properly identify the challenges that your baby is experiencing at feeding time and help them overcome and accept feeding as a natural part of their development. Through a hands-on approach, our developmental therapists will help you and your baby at feeding time to make this a more natural ritual that your baby enjoys.

Infant Massage

Infant massage can be an instrumental tool in developing your baby’s emotional and social cues. By stimulating your baby through infant massage therapy, your baby will become more engaged and connected and develop key bonding skills that can help them develop the abilities they need to interact with others and create strong relationships. This can work to ease pain in a child or help soothe a colicky baby as the gentle touch of massage is often what your baby needs to relax and feel comfortable.

Tummy Time

Through tummy time, your baby will achieve this important milestone behavior that works to develop muscle skills that help with early development. By helping them gain strength in their head, neck, arms, and body, your baby will be able to progress to other milestone developments with the assistance of infant developmental therapy. Tummy time can help a baby become more stimulated as they learn the ability to look around and experience the surroundings around them.

Baby Positioning

By working on your baby’s positioning, we are able to help infants achieve better strength by growing their muscles. This will allow your child to use muscles that are underdeveloped and lacking in the strength necessary to take the next steps in their learning development. Through interactive positioning, your baby will have the desire to hold positions on their own and develop the self-confidence to take on new motions and positions of their own.

Safe Sleep

Keeping your baby safe from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is part of your responsibility as a parent and education on how to maintain safe sleep can be provided by our occupational therapists. Also, remember to put your baby to sleep alone, on their back, and in a crib. This can ensure your baby doesn’t experience SIDS and will help to keep them safe while they are sleeping.


Many parents in NICU or in the home setting get concerned when their baby tends to look one way. It can be difficult for baby to turn their neck, which is defined as torticollis, Latin for “twisted neck.” Torticollis may be due to positioning in utero, following a difficult delivery, or a lengthy NICU stay. Symptoms of torticollis typically are tilt or turn of the head in one direction, prefer scanning parent to midline and then stop tracking them in the other direction, or breastfeeding only on one breast. There are many different stretches to help alleviate torticollis and different holds parents can do to decrease the symptoms of torticollis. Additionally, tummy time while the baby is alert and supervised is highly recommended. For further discussion on this topic, please hit the button above for a free 15 minute consultation today!