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Helping Your Toddlers with Their First Dental Care Issues

Helping Your Toddlers with Their First Dental Care Issues

When your child has grown their first tooth, you may wonder if it is too early to consider dental care. Believe it or not, dental care starts at the first sign of a tooth in your child and continues on through the rest of their life. It is your responsibility as a parent to take care of your child’s teeth until they are old enough and responsible enough to do it on their own.

At The First Sign Of A Tooth

You may be tempted to think that baby teeth don’t matter for your child, but they do and you need to care for them just like you would adult teeth. Until your child hits the age of two, cleanings should consist of water and a washcloth to keep them clean. By simply wiping them and rinsing them, you can eliminate any dental problems from arising in your child and allow them to go on to have healthy baby teeth throughout their youth.

At The Age Of Two

As your child gets to about the age of two, you can start to incorporate toothpaste and a soft toothbrush into their routine. You will still have to clean their teeth for them, but your efforts will ensure they don’t have dental problems with their baby teeth that can create the need for caps and crowns at a young age. Once you feel your child is able to take over the task of brushing their teeth, allow them to but be there to supervise and make sure that no corners were cut as your child’s dental health is at stake.

Schedule A Dental Visit

You may think your toddler is too young to visit a dentist, but if you start early you will see that your child doesn’t fear the dentist and sees it as regular maintenance that they have to attend to. A dentist will be able to check your child’s baby teeth for decay and make sure your child isn’t having any issues with their teeth that could affect adulthood.


Your child’s dental health is important and you need to take the necessary steps for prevention. Avoid giving your child a bottle of milk, juice or soda to fall asleep with. The liquid will eat away at your child’s baby teeth and cause decay. Choose liquids that are sugar-free such as water for them to have if necessary.

Also be sure to use a fluoride-free toothpaste for your child until they understand the concept of brushing their teeth without swallowing the toothpaste. This will prevent a fluoride buildup in your child’s system which isn’t recommended.

Be on the lookout for your child’s first tooth as they will need the proper dental care from you as a parent. Be sure to schedule a dental visit to your dentist and teach proper brushing techniques to ensure your child’s dental health. Early Developmental Therapy Consultants can teach your child the proper care for their teeth. It is experienced in helping children with developmental delays to perform daily routine activities.