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Should You Get Involved In Your Child’s Development Progress Activities?

Should You Get Involved In Your Child’s Development Progress Activities?

As a parent of a baby or toddler, you know how important it is to further their emotional, physical, and social development. This growth is essential to your child’s success in the world around them and your involvement can mean the difference in how they respond to this progress.
While development therapy for babies and toddlers is available to you through a child development clinic, you can also make an impact on your child’s growth at home. By being involved and engaged in the activities that your child participates in, you will see advanced progress by providing your encouragement and guidance as a parent.

Giving Support As A Parent

To your child, not only are you their parent, but you are their teacher and main provider of support. They look to you to provide them a safe environment where they can learn without fear of failure or discouragement and are motivated by your reaction and connection with them.
As a parent, you should be there for your child, offering them praise to try new activities so that they progress to their full potential as a baby or toddler. No matter the age of your child, early development therapy can help provide the tools you need to make sure your baby or toddler progresses at a natural pace that is right for them. A child development clinic will be able to work with you and your child to provide activities that you can do together that will ensure their developmental success.

Activities To Enhance Your Toddler’s Development

Active involvement starts with you as a parent and is beneficial on so many levels to your child, who looks to you for direction and encouragement. Here are some activities you can try as a parent to encourage your baby or toddler to learn and reach those milestones that are so important in their life.

  • While a baby can’t respond to your words, they do respond to your talking to them especially in different tones and personalities. Watch for their visual cues to see what is working and continue these activities for both of your enjoyment, knowing that you are providing stimulation of language learning. Toddlers may be able to respond and you can work on their vocabulary in this way by you teaching them new sentences and praises.
  • Dance and sing to your child: Interacting with your child in a fun and playful way while singing and dancing will make sure that they are engaged with you. Not only will they enjoy this activity, but they will learn in an environment that is safe and fun for them. This will increase their emotional bond with you as they gain great pleasure in the activity. Singing and dancing will also create a love of music which can help your child later in life as music can soothe and provide a calming effect.
  • Use mirrors with your child: Getting your baby or toddler to interact with you using a mirror can be a good way to help increase their visual awareness. By showing them their own reflection in a baby safe mirror will provide amusement, but also work on developing a sense of self. They will gain valuable social and emotional development skills with a task that is amusing and creative in its nature.
  • Try child massage: Touch of your child is important to their development as this creates a thriving environment for them to feel loved by you. You will be able to further the emotional bond of you’re your child through massage and develop that connection that is imperative to their emotional development. As you help soothe them through massage, they will see you as a comfort and the person that can make them feel relaxed and at ease. This can be developed by learning techniques through a child development clinic and will work wonders on the early development therapy of your toddler or baby.
  • Use toys to develop tracking skills: By playing with a ball or small toy, you can develop your baby’s or toddler’s visual skills. As you move the ball or toy about, encourage your child to follow it with their eyes, head, and neck. This activity works as development therapy for your baby and will allow them to strengthen their muscles to keep the ball or toy within their line of sight.

By incorporating these activities into your child’s daily activities, you can further develop their progress of learning with your involvement as a parent. You will create that special bond your child needs from you and be their ultimate cheerleader when they succeed in their development progress. Early Developmental Therapy Consultants can help you become involved as a parent in the development of your baby or toddler through an array of activities that you can do right in your home. Contact them to set up an evaluation of your child’s development stages.