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What is developmental therapy?

Developmental therapy is designed to help children overcome the challenges they are experiencing with motor skills, cognitive development, communication, and social interactions. Through developmental therapy, your child will have the help they need in their developmental delays.


What is Online Occupational Therapy?

Online therapy is when the parents do the actual therapy on their own child while the OT is present to help you through the activities. It helps parents, caregivers or other OT’s to have easy access by using their computer/laptop. Receive effective and personalized OT from the comfort of your own home!


How does Online OT work?

I would meet with you using your computer or smart phone through Skype, Webchat, email or phone consultation. I utilize Pay Pal or Square, so you can take whatever time you need (usually 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions) to get the help you need for your child.


How often would our sessions be?

That depends on your child’s needs. You can e-mail me details ahead of time and then meet and communicate therapy/activities over phone or computer. It may take one session or maybe a few to achieve the results you want.


Why does on-line therapy work?

I firmly believe parents/caregivers should be the ones doing the “hands-on” therapy with their kids. OT is only seeing them for an hour, while parents see their children everyday. Parents doing their child’s therapy feel more connected and confident in what they are providing! Many parents live in remote or isolated areas that don’t have access to good quality OT. With online occupational therapy, I can show you what to do and tell you why without you having to leave your home. Its a win-win situation!


How much does online OT cost?

Currently, I am a one-woman company and a pay for service consultation website, so I do not take insurance. Therapy is $75 for 30 minute consultation, $125 for 60 minute consultation and $165 for 90 minute consultation.


That’s expensive! What other options are available to parents?

I provide 2 free 15 minute consultations every 6 months to help parents.


My child wasn’t born premature or in the NICU, but is still having developmental delays. Can I still contact you?

Yes, absolutely! I don’t want any baby/child having delays or falling behind in their developmental milestones! Contact me today!!


How do I know my child needs developmental therapy?

If your child is experiencing developmental delays and not reaching the milestones that are appropriate for their age, then developmental therapy may be right for your child. As an occupational therapist, I can help assess your child’s skill level and determine a program that is right for them.


Can developmental therapy help a child with developmental delays?

Developmental therapy is specifically designed to help children with developmental delays as early as birth. This can significantly help them learn the skills necessary to grow their abilities and ensure they are on a path to success with their overall development.


How long will my child need developmental therapy?

Every child is different and as an occupational therapist, I will determine a program that is specifically tailored to your child’s needs and skill level.


What is a developmental therapist?

A developmental therapist is a licensed professional that is trained to help children develop and enhance their motor, cognitive, communication, and social and emotional skills. They are specially trained to help your child learn new skills that can help them achieve the everyday tools they need to progress.


Can developmental therapy help any child?

Developmental therapy can help any child advance in their skill level. They can be taught how to overcome any challenges they are facing. With a program designed just for them, they will be able to progress at a pace that is right for their skill level.


What happens during a developmental therapy session?

Through fun activities and tasks, you child is taught developmental lessons that they can use in the home environment as well as in the classroom. Occupational therapists incorporates games, toys, and learning tools to teach your child simple behaviors that can help them progress in their life.


What I can I do as a parent?

Parents can easily become involved in their child’s developmental therapy. An occupational therapist will teach you activities that you can do at home to ensure you child is able to build on the developmental sessions they are attending.


How do I know that developmental therapy is right for my child?

When your child experiences developmental delays, developmental therapy can give them the extra support and encouragement they need to learn skills that will help them in everyday routines. If your child is having developmental delays or needs extra help to perform tasks, developmental therapy can provide the assistance you are looking for.


What type of progress can I expect to see in my child through developmental therapy?

While every child is different, you will soon see progress in your child’s abilities through the assistance of developmental therapy. It is important to allow you child to progress at their own pace and learn in an environment that is safe and comfortable for them. Developmental therapy will allow your child to learn and move forward in their skill building on target for their ability level.


What skills does developmental therapy help a child with?

Developmental therapy is designed to help children with a range of tasks from increasing muscle strength to sitting up, standing or walking to helping with feeding and relaxation through massage. A variety of tools are integrated into your child’s developmental therapy sessions to help them with their needs at the time.