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Encourage Social Skills And Emotional Development Through Playtime Activities

Encourage Social Skills And Emotional Development Through Playtime Activities

Playtime can be more than just fun your child. It can work to enhance their emotional and social development and give them key skills they need to maintain healthy relationships with others. Through playtime you can help your child have fun and learn important behaviors that will carry over as they get older.

We know that social skills and emotional development starts as soon as a child is born and continues evolving as they are faced with new experiences. Through playtime, your child will be presented with new challenges as well as learn new skills such as problem-solving, sharing, relationship building, and emotional control when around others.

Playtime Activities To Try With Your Child

Here are some ways that you can go about expanding your child’s playtime adventures and continue to build on their emotional and social development.

  • Role playing: Try acting out different scenarios with your child. This will help them develop their vocabulary as well as their language building skills. The role-playing that you do should be open-ended, allowing your child to choose what happens next and play whatever role they can imagine as part of their playtime fun. Add some unique props to keep it interesting for your child and you will see your child advancing their imagination on what is possible through their imagination.
  • Games: This is a fun way to have your child learn how to interact with others and manage their feelings. Games allow your child to cohabitate a space with others and learn how to share and take turns. They also have to problem solve and accept when they don’t win the game. This can provide a valuable teaching lesson and offer the opportunity to help your child develop both their emotional and social sides. Keep the games educational and you will have a winning combination to educate your child and help their brain development.
  • Arts and crafts: Art projects are the perfect way to increase your child’s development while they have some fun doing something they enjoy. This will allow your child to use their creative side and if done with another child they can also evolve their social interaction. As a group, your child will have to learn to share supplies as well as merge ideas to come up with a cohesive art project that they can all agree on. Be creative in the supplies that you provide for your child and you will see them truly becoming immersed in the project, letting their imagination run wild.

No matter the activity you plan with your child, be sure to keep it fun for them. The more fun they have, the easier it will be for them to learn and develop their social skills. To help your child with their emotional and social development, contact Early Developmental Therapy Consultants. It is experienced in helping children of all ages to further their development and become prepared for school through a range of activities that are fun and stimulating.