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Your EDTC (Early Developmental Therapy Consultants) provides developmental therapy services and parent coaching around Harrisburg PA and York PA when premature babies need some extra help developing into a healthy, happy child. Tracy is a professional occupational therapist with experience providing developmental therapy to premature babies and babies in the NICU.Toddlers can experience developmental delays as much as any age child. These behaviors can affect their learning and how they progress and get ready to lead productive lives. With the assistance of developmental therapy, you can help your child grow and become self-confident in their abilities. You can give your child the head start they need to function at a high level in the classroom that is ahead for them.child development progress

Your toddler will learn through a variety of techniques offered by Early Developmental Therapy Consultants and its occupational therapists. By incorporating developmental therapy into your toddler’s life, you can teach them daily activities that they should be doing at their age and help prepare them for what lies ahead.

Through our services, your child will develop skills in the areas of motor development, cognitive learning, communication development and social and emotional interaction – all necessary for everyday functioning. A program will be designed especially for you child and the developmental delays they are experiencing through an assessment of their abilities.

Activities and Playtime

Our occupational therapists make learning fun by incorporating activities that your child enjoys in an educational way. Playtime is an important part of your child’s development and can help them learn how to become independent as well self-confident in their abilities.

An occupational therapist will create fun activities and tasks for your child to learn and develop. By using toys and games, your child will learn to overcome the challenges that have been presented to them and take on new experiences with pleasure. They will be able to acquire routines such as getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and feeding themselves, which are instrumental in their development at this age.

Through occupational therapy in toddlers, your child can also overcome a deformity that was presented at birth and get them on track to learning in a way that is fun for them.

Visual Perception

As your toddler grows, they might be experiencing delays with their visuals perceptions such as difficulty moving their head or looking about. With the help of our developmental therapists, your child will be treated and taught influential movements that can help them achieve greater strength with their visual perception.

Providing developmental therapy for visual perception can help a child advance in a school environment and ensure they gain the necessary skills to thrive. Getting help early on for your child, can help prevent learning disabilities in school and reading problems that can occur as a result of visual perception delays that are untreated.

With the help of an occupational therapist, your child will be given the tools to be successful later in life as they enter the classroom and need to prepare for preschool or elementary school. You can provide your child the extra support they need to overcome visual perception challenges and ensure your child gets the assistance they need to grow developmentally.

Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor movements begin in infancy, unlike what we had imagined. Fine motor involves coordination of small muscles in the hands and fingers. Having fine motor skills allows child to do activities of daily living such as feeding themselves with utensils, manipulating toys, buttoning shirt, tying shoes and much more. Children develop fine motor skills at their own pace and its important for parents of infants (premature or not) and toddlers to remember that. As babies begin to understand that their hands, fingers, and feet are attached to their bodies, they are able to reach out to grasp toys and other objects. For example, around 6-9 months, babies should be able to hold, shake and manipulate items such as rattles, small toys and transfer objects back and forth between their left and right hands. Some children experience challenges in this skill, so its imperative that parents know what they are looking.