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Developing a Secure Attachment with Your Infant: A Few Tips for Parents

a few tips for developing a secure attachment with your infant

Bonding with your infant is an important part of their development. They need to feel loved and nurtured by you as a parent and you need to create that connection with them early on. Through a secure attachment, your infant will feel a sense of security and be able to be comforted by you.

While a healthy attachment can help your infant to progress, you may wonder if you are giving them too much attention or creating a needy spoiled child. Rest assured that the bonding needs to begin early to develop a child that is confident and secure in their abilities. To further the attachment, you have with your little one, try some of the following tips to make sure you are creating a bond that is healthy for them.

  • Always be near: Adding an infant into your family mix can be difficult as you try to maintain everyone’s needs and the tasks you need to get done on a daily basis. Your infant needs to feel your warmth and be near you, but you have things that need to get done. Try wearing a sling to support your baby that will allow you to remain active while still having them near.
  • Make one-on-one time: You need to communicate with your baby and make time to give them your undivided attention. They need to hear your voice and see your expression. This alone time can be instrumental in their development as they learn to trust you and have new experiences through your involvement.
  • Add touch to your routine: Nurturing your baby is a sure way to create a connection with them. They love massage and to be comforted as this helps further the trust they have of you as they know that you are the one that can provide them comfort and security. Be loving to your infant and touch them frequently to stimulate their senses and further their development.
  • Play games: Babies love to laugh and a good game of peek-a-boo can motivate them and make playtime fun for all. Encouraging your infant through playtime will help them learn and develop their motor skills as they are able to touch and feel new objects and textures. Plus, you will be giving them the one-on-one attention that they need to bond with you.
  • Make eye contact: Your infant responds to you and your moods. Providing eye contact with them with you are doing an activity with them such as feeding or dressing them will allow them to create an emotional connection with you. They will be able to fully recognize your face and have a stronger bond with you that will help you create that secure attachment.

Bonding with your infant can help them as they grow as they will have a self-identity and be more comfortable in their surroundings. If you are having trouble creating that secure attachment with your infant, contact Early Developmental Therapy Consultants. It can provide you with the techniques you need to create that emotional and physical bond with your child to further progress their development.