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Brain Development in Infants and Toddlers: How Can You Stimulate It?

Brain Development in Infants and Toddlers: How Can You Stimulate It?

As a parent of an infant or toddler, you are the main person in their lives that is working to shape how they grow and what they learn. Your child’s brain is constantly developing up to the age of five and your interactions and experiences with them matter to their overall brain cell development.

What an infant or toddler learns at an early age will determine who they become as an adult. All the experiences they have now, at this young age, help to determine who they become as they get older. All parents want their children to grow up to be successful people and knowing that the brain is constantly learning in these early years can be crucial to their achievement later in life.

The environment that your child grows in also influences the brain development in infants and toddlers as everything around them is a learning experience. From toys to everyday objects, your child is absorbing their surroundings and it is shaping their development.

Activities To Create Brain Stimulation

As a parent, you no doubt want the best for your child and through additional brain stimulation, you can help influence your infant’s or toddler’s brain growth. You can help them learn more by supporting them and interacting with them in a way that encourages new experiences and allows them to learn at all times.

Try some of these techniques with your infant or toddler to develop their brain development further.

Connect Through Reading

Reading to your child is an exceptional way to engage with them and help them to use their imagination. The more you can connect with them during the reading of books, the more their brain is growing and learning as it takes in new ideas and thoughts that help to shape their development.

Play Games

Playing as many one-on-one games with your child as possible will be another way that you can stimulate their brain. The games that you play don’t have to be complex as your child will get enjoyment and stimulation from simple games such as peek-a-boo and hide-n-seek or even a good tickle. You can gain even more support for your child in regards to brain stimulation through pediatric developmental therapy as this will provide one-on-one attention for your child to help them learn new things.

Provide Nurturing

Even the simplest act of giving your child a hug can go a long way in encouraging their brain development. Nurturing your child and showing them love helps them feel accepted. This is a key area for brain development in infants and toddlers. As a parent, this will be easy to undertake as you already love your child so much. Don’t be afraid to show them this caring nature, as they need this to aid in their brain cell activity.

Give One-On-One Interaction

Your baby or toddler learns by mimicking your behaviors and actions. By interacting with them on a one-on-one level you can help to create more learning experiences with whatever you are doing. Try narrating to them as you move through your day or have a conversation with them even if they aren’t old enough to respond. Simply pointing to objects and naming them can help your child’s brain to grow and constantly evolve when they are with you.

Provide Constant Praise

Be sure to praise your child often for everything they do correctly and learn quickly. This constant encouragement will give your child the confidence they need to try new things and explore on their own. A scared child can be discouraged from trying new activities and shy away from learning.

Use Simple Toys

Toys are a great learning tool for your child as they promote playtime and imagination. Keep the toys you choose for your infant or toddler to play with simple so they don’t get overwhelmed and are able to have some fun while they learn. There is a myriad of toys available to help your child learn and they can be amused with a constant variation of options. Through pediatric developmental therapy, your child will work with toys that help with brain development and further the learning process.

Create A Safe Environment

The environment that your child grows up in can influence their learning and brain activity. As they work to create connections within their brain, their surrounds impact how they feel and if they are comfortable. Providing a safe, warm, and inviting living situation can produce a child that is comfortable with themselves and those around them. A poor environment can distract your child’s learning experiences and stop the learning process in its tracks. Make your home as loving and comfortable as possible for the best learning situation for your child.

Try Massage

Massage is a significant way to promote healthy brain development in an infant or toddler. As their brain cells are working to connect, the sense of touch can evoke security and protection in a child and help their brain to grow. Through a massage, your child will be soothed and shown additional care that has been proven to provide healthy brain development in infants and toddlers.

Just like when you have a massage, a child is relieved of any stresses and made to relax. This can calm their nerves and create bonding with a child as their nerve cells begin to develop more during the sensation of touch. Pediatric developmental therapy includes massage as a way to help your infant’s or toddler’s brain to continue to be stimulated.

By incorporating these activities into your child’s daily life, you can ensure they are getting the right amount of brain stimulation to help achieve maximum development of their brain. You may choose to have pediatric developmental therapy to further increase your infant’s or toddler’s brain activity and get them on the right track for healthy growth. Early Developmental Therapy Consultants can provide you with a variety of developmental therapy services for your child that help to formulate their brain development at an early age. Contact them today to schedule an evaluation for your infant or toddler.