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When you work with Early Developmental Therapy Consultants, you will have the pleasure of working with Tracey Kondrasuk-Brander. Tracey is a licensed occupational therapist as well as a massage therapist that has many years of experience working with children of all ages and all developmental levels and provides coaching for parents on how to help their child. She is a CNT (Certified Neonatal Therapist) and has licensees in Pennsylvania, New York, and Texas.

occupational therapistExperience You Can Trust

As an occupational therapist, Tracey has gained valuable expertise working with premature infants, those in a NICU environment, and developmentally delayed children from birth to three years old. When your child works with Tracey, you can rest assured you child is getting the help they need to overcome the challenges they are facing with developmental delays.

Tracey is highly qualified in the area of developmental therapy and chose this as a career to help enrich the lives of babies and toddlers. She has a BS in Occupational Therapy, giving her the background needed to develop a developmental therapy program that is right for your child.

NICU Certified and Experienced

Tracey also has keen real life experience, working for several years in the NICU with other occupational therapists honing her skills to become a top level developmental therapist for your child. When the opportunity presented itself, Tracey became the sole occupational therapist of the NICU she was charged with, allowing her to take a proactive and hands-on approach to teaching children the developmental skills they need to succeed.

Here, Tracey was able to gain the necessary certifications to remain credible in the NICU she was running. She quickly went on to get two infant massage certifications as well as her NOMAS (feeding protocol for infants) certification to ensure she was equipped to handle virtually any problem a child of any age was facing. She also gained certifications in General Movement Assessment and went on to gain her Developmental Therapist designation through the National Association of Neonatal Nursing, making her an occupational therapist with all the right education to treat a variety of developmental delays that children face on a daily basis.


Tracey is no stranger to children as a mother herself. She raised three children and worked full-time, knowing the importance of family structure. She furthered her education by garnering her Master’s degree in Community Health/Wellness in 2013 and has really excelled in the area of baby massage. She truly believes in the healing powers of infant massage and has seen firsthand how powerful touch can be on babies as an alternative medical treatment.

Because of her love for infant massage, Tracey went to massage school three nights a week and became a Licensed massage therapist in 2015. She is highly trained in this area and can provide your child with a healing massage to help relax and make them comfortable.

Tracey knows how important your child is to you and wants to do everything possible to ensure you child gains the necessary skills to further their development. With the experience that Tracey has gained working in the NICU with babies and through her own business, she can tailor a program that is designed for the needs of your child.


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